A visual interpretation of the poem by the great Charles Bukowski.




How does one move forward after spending 100 days in rehab?

How does one pick up the pieces, take stock and inventory, and channel it all into being of service to a cause greater than oneself?

On a recent assignment in Malibu, California with Rich Roll, I got an insight into these questions, amongst much more. This video marks the first of “David Zammit Stories”. A video series that aims to unpack a variety of stories, insights and experiences of individuals all over the world. Ultimately, we are all simply reflections of each other, passing through this why not take the time to get to know our fellow brothers and sisters, in order to truly get to know ourselves.






#WhyWeDoIt was a project that I co-created with other visual artists, aimed at shedding light on a life often lived below the surface. Over the course of a year, we followed watermen and women around the world, from divers, to artists and adventurers. Individuals from all four corners of the earth yet all devoted towards respecting and protecting our oceans.