Where are you heading?

Morocco was just fantastic.

A 7 day journey filled with incredible experiences. The highlight of it all for me had to be climbing in the Atlas Mountains - an experience that marked the start of some amazing adventures up ahead in 2017. 

As I reflect on the image above, and wait for my connecting flight, I'm reminded of Simon Sinek's most recent talk on millennials in the workplace, during which he highlights how “its as if you are standing at the foot of a mountain, and have this abstract concept called impact that you want to have in the world, which is the summit. Yet often what you don’t see is the mountain.“

See the thing is, and lets just get practical and real in this age of masked reality is that there is absolutely nothing sexy or meme worthy about the journey up that mountain. Its tough. Its painful. It is not glossy and is not to be found in some ridiculous Instagram hashtag. 

So if you have a passion - whatever it may be. If you want to find out who you truly are - how far you could go. Then forget the hack. Forget the quick wins. Commit to the daily pressure that yields minuscule results. Embrace the fear and let go of the perfection and obsessing over results. Kill the ego. Stop being so cynical. Allow yourself to fail. And fail. And fail again. 

Yet most importantly - stop looking up at the summit. Seek awareness. Seek presence in your current footing. As the seat of genuine value, beauty and satisfaction lies in the experience of getting there.

In all honesty, I spend hours writing these blog posts not to offer some sort of blueprint to existence (it is also quite possible that you might dislike the offering altogether) , but in the hope that it might, just might benefit your own journey in some small way - by bringing you closer to your own center, or even simply invite you to reflect on your own sense of purpose - with your head down, one step at a time.