7 Billion.


Yes, Billion - 7. 

7 Billion unique droplets. Falling to the earth from clouds spread far and wide - only for the vast majority of them to lay frozen, atop a vast mountain. Bound together, shifting together, one droplet after another.

Coagulated into the so-called masses, awash in societal standards that often permeate our consciousness without our conscious consent or even awareness.

Not realising that to be truly alive demands to detach, stip bare, melt away, flow down off this paralysed mass structure. Letting go, and having faith in the fact that your own, true droplet, will soon form its very own stream and meander on down.

As speed picks up, the stream, if liberated, will blaze through the earth, etching its own mark - yet with humility, gratitude and respect for everything that surrounds it. Navigating this stream will undoubtedly require a raft to be built, to dodge the many boulders that present themselves along the way. 

There may be countless other streams, left turns, right turns, shortcuts, and seemingly faster, better, rafts along the way, formed by other droplets who would gladly carry you across, yet only at the price of pawning and forgoing yourself. Ultimately, there is the one path from the frozen mountain that none can melt and flow from but you.

Where does it lead?

Don’t ask, flow through.