We are all Creatives.

We are all Creatives

We just have to actualise whatever that inner creativity may be.

Less thinking - more feeling.

Yet how easy has that proven to be in a culture where identity is increasingly becoming something static, often confined to categories which are opposed to one another, with specific stereotypes attached to each.  Stereotypes creating labels that demand to settle for a smaller version of ourselves. 

Why this fascinates me, is the simple reason that we are all matchless mockups of biology, ancestry and mystery - yet placed in a society that is structured to funnel minds, rather than spawn off into completely different trajectories. 

See the thing is, creativity is really just an inclination, more than anything. A perspective - one that refuses to take on assumptions without question, that looks for the new and untested rather than the traditional and accepted. 

We are not computers, yet (worryingly). 

As humans, we are here to colour without a pre set manual. Your sky can be green, the clouds can be striped. Our minds are not made up of binary code. 

So go ahead - observe those notes, and lines. Respect them, understand them - then colour outside them. Yet do so without regard for the destination. As the goal is simply to venture. Venture into the unknown and you will find that enough of that venturing will yield some truly fantastic results. 

Experiences and perspectives that can then be fuelled into the activities of ones daily life. Or perhaps, even more beautifully, they will reveal a new palette of colours with which to paint. 

To live with sincerity in a culture filled with cynicism is a difficult dance. But worth it nonetheless. So dance along however awkward it may feel initially. We need that quirky, awkward dance now more than ever. 

Image: Kurt Arrigo

Kaftan: Carla Grima Atelier