Hi there.


Thank you for stopping by to check out a few projects that I have co-created alongside some great people over the past few years.

Work aside - let me explain the picture above.

I like to look at life as one big adventure, and when I am not working on fun, creative projects, I use that time to explore this fantastic world that we live in - through endurance sport.

A lifestyle choice that has nourished me physically, mentally and spiritually. Experiences that have broadened my outlook and ability to think big, challenge assumptions and create a vision which is greater than the currently reality. 

From cycling solo across the Australian continent for a straight month, to transatlantic sailing voyages and climbing some of the highest peaks in various continents. These were all invaluable experiences that have taught me about the importance of resilience and the ability to cope under pressure, patience to look forward to the results of hard work and the significance of having the right team around you if you want to achieve lofty goals.



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