David Zammit has a passion for visual storytelling and using his camera as his tool, has been traveling the world, fine-tuning his skill while exploring the ways and nature of his most inspiring subject; people. 

With a passion for the outdoors and a pull towards adventure, he continues to explore what it means to be alive and to feel fully, in order to express those same emotions through his own lense and see through the eyes of the viewer. 

He believes in the power of using visual media to connect a brand with its audience,  to tap into the human connection and emotion to tell the story at hand. 

With an educational background in Economics and work experience in strategy, David attends to his projects with full professional competence to complete the task at hand, from both a creative and practical standpoint. His commitment to authenticity and unique perspective, allows him to align with individuals and brands alike to achieve their varied goals, and welcomes the many challenges that come from each new assignment.